The WA Car Club Summer Autocross Series is a 5 round series conducted  between November and March at the Perth Motorplex.

The Perth Motorplex and the West Australian Car Club are proud to run the 12th year of the Summer Autocross Series, to be run on Wednesday evenings in conjunction with the popular Whoop Ass Wednesday Street drags.

The Autocross will be run on the Speedway Circuit and competitors will get the opportunity to throw it sideways around the Speedway weaving through chicanes and deviations.

Autocross is open to Rally, Autocross, Off Road and Street Cars. Rally and Off Road drivers will have the opportunity to use their cars over the summer months and the Autocross and Street cars will have the opportunity to test their skills against some of WA’s best rally drivers.

This is a great experience for competitors (from as young as 14 years old) to enjoy competing under lights at one of Australia’s premier speedway tracks in the metro area. It is an ideal opportunity to bring your family and friends along and enjoy an evening of competition. Spectators will also be able wander over and see the drag racing at the same time.

Competitors – ENTER HERE and check out the Official Noticeboard for information like the SUPP REGS etc.

Spectators are welcome. Each Entry includes entry for one Spectator/Service Crew.  Other Spectators are more than welcome and information on ticket prices etc can be obtained from The Perth Motorplex website.

2019/2020 SERIES DATES
Round 1 – 6th November 2019
Round 2 – 11th December 2019
Round 3 – 22nd January 2020
Round 4 – 26th February 2020
Round 5 – 18th March 2020

Entry Form

Thank you for your interest in Round 5 of the Summer Autocross Series.

We have now received more than our maximum number of entries.  To be added to the "Wait List" please contact David on 0419 894 555 or summerautocross@outlook.com

Kind regards


First NameSurnameMakeModelClass
GraemeMorganSubaruWRXClass 1 - 4WD
GraemeMackaySubaruWRXClass 1 - 4WD
Ali Aslam Subaru WRXClass 1 - 4WD
KellyThomasSubaruWRXClass 5 - Ladies
DaveThomasSubaruWRXClass 1 - 4WD
SammyAslamSubaruWRXClass 1 - 4WD
TomMellingHoldenVY CommodoreClass 2 - 2WD
MaxMellingHoldenVY CommodoreClass 2 - 2WD
MichaelArthurSubaruImprezaClass 2 - 2WD
JulieArthurSubaruImprezaClass 5 - Ladies
Dale HandsFordFalcon AUClass 2 - 2WD
TimTappingSubaruImprezaClass 2 - 2WD
JackMellingHoldenVY CommodoreClass 2 - 2WD
Neil LenihanSubaruWRXClass 1 - 4WD
NathanAdeySubaruImprezaClass 3 - Novice
ChrisRyanSubaruImprezaClass 1 - 4WD
DanielColeman FordFairmontClass 3 - Novice
JakeKearns ToyotaHiluxClass 2 - 2WD
PaulKearnsToyotaHilux Class 2 - 2WD
JarrodSewellDaihatsuCharadeClass 6 - Junior
ThomasLeadbetterMitsubishiLancerClass 2 - 2WD
ChrisCarusoMazdaFamilia GTXClass 1 - 4WD
MasonTownsendBMW318tiClass 2 - 2WD
PeterErlemeyerBMW318tiClass 2 - 2WD
Brett TolomeiHonda CivicClass 2 - 2WD
AndyHicksHoldenCommodoreClass 2 - 2WD
PaulBrockbankMitsubishiLancer Evo XClass 1 - 4WD
BlakeRattenburyProtonMr21Class 2 - 2WD
BenjaminCarterBMW318tiClass 2 - 2WD
JacksonHicksHoldenCommodoreClass 2 - 2WD
RandleBeavisMitsubishiMirageClass 2 - 2WD
ShayneLucyHyundai ExcelClass 2 - 2WD
ClintMatthewsMazda323Class 2 - 2WD
CooperFigliomeniSubaruImprezaClass 1 - 4WD
JonathanCharlessonFordEscortClass 2 - 2WD
ShaySmithBMW316iClass 3 - Novice
PaulRegan  Class 1 - 4WD
SimonBateFordLaserClass 2 - 2WD
Jamie MakinHynda GetzClass 2 - 2WD
DavidChristianFordLaserClass 2 - 2WD
LachlanBeresfordFordLaserClass 3 - Novice
TaylorWalker  Class 1 - 4WD
PaulHutchinson  Class 1 - 4WD
TravisMatthewsSubaruImprezaClass 3 - Novice
GeoffBerkhoutHondaCivicClass 3 - Novice
michaelfletcherchryslerneonClass 2 - 2WD
HannahFlanaganSubaruImprezaClass 6 - Junior
WayneFlanaganSubaruImprezaClass 2 - 2WD
andrewhaven  Class 3 - Novice
SteveJones  Class 1 - 4WD
TimothyHilesSubaruLegacy rsClass 1 - 4WD
michaelfletcher  Class 2 - 2WD
DavidHeatonBMW325oClass 2 - 2WD
CalebAsh  Class 2 - 2WD
ThomasHilesSubaruLiberty RSClass 1 - 4WD


The WA Car Club Summer Autocross series is an entry level gravel Autocross as defined by the Confederation of Australian Motorsport (CAMS).

Cars compete against the clock over 3 laps of the track which uses the Speedway track at the Perth Motorplex…but with lots of corners. 3 cars are on the course at once but spaced so they do not catch each other.

A wide range of cars are suitable from $100 “Gumtree Bunkys” through to ‘proper’ Rally Cars, Mum’s Shopping Trolley or Off Road Buggies.  As long as it meets minimum safety standards it is good to go. Roll Cages and Harnesses are not required, although if you have them we would encourage their use.

On the Official Noticeboard page is further information including the Supplementary Regulations.  We encourage any  prospective competitors to get in touch with us if you have any queries.

Entry is limited to only 50 cars, so don’t delay get your Entry Form completed online now.

Track Layout A – Anti-Clockwise

Summer Autocross Series Track A AX19

Track Layout B – Clockwise

Summer Autocross Series Track B AX19


New look kicks off 2020 Autocross Season.

The launch of the new Summer Autocross website coincides with Entries Opening for the 2020 WA Car Club’s Summer Autocross season. Competitors can download the Supplementary Regulations, Course Maps and other pertinent information on the Official Noticeboard tab. The Entry Form is now via the www.autocross.com.au website rather than via the CAMS online system. Each …